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Mortgage Loan Modification & Bankruptcy – Considering Your Options

How Bankruptcy Can Assist with Mortgage Loan Modification? When a homeowner has fallen behind on their mortgage payments and are headed towards foreclosure, or are actively in foreclosure, a mortgage loan modification should be considered to prevent loss of their home. Many lenders offer programs to help homeowners apply for a loan modification. However, not [...]

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Foreclosure Prevention – Protecting Your Assets By Filing Bankruptcy

How Can Bankruptcy Act as Foreclosure Prevention?  Mortgage payments are most homeowners’ largest monthly expense. Falling behind on mortgage payments is usually a symptom of larger, more global financial issues. Many people first exhaust their savings and default on other debt before missing their mortgage payments. This is why falling behind on mortgage payments may [...]

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Bankruptcy Trustee – What is A Trustee’s Role in The Bankruptcy Process?

The goal of every bankruptcy is to balance the rights and interests of the debtor (the person or company that files bankruptcy) against those of the debtor’s creditors (the people or companies owed money by the debtor). A bankruptcy judge is the final say when there are disputes on how to balance these competing rights [...]

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Discharging Medical Debt – Your Bankruptcy Options

Medical debt is a big problem in America. It’s been reported by CNBC that approximately 30% of working Americans have some kind of medical debt. A majority of Americans with medical debt report that they’ve defaulted on that debt. Further, it was reported that in 2016, more than 1 in 4 American families experienced issues [...]

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Debt Settlement In New Jersey – Understanding Your Options

Debt consolidation and debt settlement is a popular subject of advertisements on television, radio, and on the internet. These companies, usually based far away on other states, promise to make you “debt free” quick and easy with just a few phone calls. These companies can, in fact, do more harm than good, and leave people [...]

Bankruptcy Exemptions – What Are They & How Do They Work?

For those struggling with debt, worn out by litigation, threatened by foreclosure, or facing other financial issues, bankruptcy may offer a lot of relief. In some cases, bankruptcy is the best option to address many of these issues all at once. Getting rid of debt is the most obvious benefit of filing for bankruptcy. But [...]

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The Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy – Your Comprehensive Guide

There are many benefits of filing bankruptcy, for both businesses and individuals. The benefits of filing bankruptcy include but are not limited to, the discharge of overwhelming debt. However, filing for bankruptcy is not without its drawbacks and potential pitfalls. Considering the complexity of bankruptcy, it’s very important that people consult with experienced bankruptcy counsel [...]

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Personal Bankruptcy Options – Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 11 vs. Chapter 13

When it comes to individuals there are various personal bankruptcy options. These personal bankruptcy options offer millions of people financial relief every year. It’s a powerful tool with long-term benefits in most cases. If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you must carefully consider your options, including the kind of bankruptcy case that best fits your [...]

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The Cost of Filing Bankruptcy In New Jersey – What You Should Know

Filing bankruptcy is an important step for many businesses and individuals struggling with debt, law suits, foreclosures, and other issues that “trigger” their need for financial relief. For the majority of businesses and people that file bankruptcy, the debt relief they obtain in bankruptcy vastly outweighs the cost of filing bankruptcy. This is especially true [...]

Dealing with Business Debt – When To Start Considering Bankruptcy

If you are a business owner dealing with business debt, you may be considering whether to file a bankruptcy or some other solution for your business, or for yourself, or for both. Before you make this decision, it’s important to first understand the distinction between your personal debts, your business debts, and those debts that [...]

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